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Do You Need an ISBN?

You did the hard part. You wrote your book. Now it's time to publish it. But what's this? Vendors want an ISBN from you. What even is that? Do you really need one? Where do you get it? ISBNs look kind of scary because they're so legal-ish and computer-y. And that...

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How to view an ePub eBook

You want to offer an eBook version of your book. How do you review it before you upload it for sale? Good news: you only need the ePub format for all major vendors now. Amazon used to insist on its own proprietary (and very inferior) MOBI format. But like the fickle...

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Who's this guy?

"Mick" is Michael Campbell, a book designer, graphic artist and writer. His humor column, The Dumpster, closes every issue of Food & Spirits Magazine. Author of Are You Going To Eat That?, and the new 2017 book of seventy hilarious all new essays, Of Mice and Me.
A singer songwriter too. New CD My Turn Now is available now!