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Base hits

Dusty Hill played base? Who knew? Which base? First base? Third base? If you're not sure, don't risk it. We offer professional proofreading at just 1.5 cents per word. Our editing is guaranteed too: if we miss anything, we'll remake your print book PDF or eBook fast...

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It’s Emma period.

See that? I haven't written a thing besides the title, and already it looks like I goofed. The marketing geniuses for the new movie Emma. decided to put a period in the title. So it's Emma., not Emma. Emma.. See that? It's nearly impossible even to write about. Still...

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It’s just a hyphen. Right?

Adjectives describe something in more detail. A green car. A first job. A compound adjective isn't any fancier, it just takes two words to do one job. A blue-green car. Some first-hand experience. Really, we intend it to be a single descriptor—one word, really—so we...

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How to catch typos

I got an email from my beloved Alamo Drafthouse movie theater. A new location was about to open, right in my neighborhood. Hooray! Right after that email, I received this emergency follow-up: Just as an update, the $5 tickets was a miscommunication and we will be...

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And a cast of…

I saw this sign at Target yesterday, in the Toy Department. Maybe it should have been in Back To School. Besides print book design and converting your manuscript to eBook, don't forget we offer proofreading.

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Who's this guy?

"Mick" is Michael Campbell, a book designer, graphic artist and writer. His humor column, The Dumpster, closes every issue of Food & Spirits Magazine. Author of Are You Going To Eat That?, and the new 2017 book of seventy hilarious all new essays, Of Mice and Me.
A singer songwriter too. New CD My Turn Now is available now!