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To be a best-selling author, start by looking like one.

Your book design is no place for beginners. What does a typesetter with 30 years of experience get you? A beautiful book layout, flawlessly designed to the exact specifications of any major printer you choose. We get those fussy little details right, so your book looks just as good as the big publishing houses. (We design books for them too.) Our print layouts are guaranteed, so if you hit a snag while uploading it to your printer, we fix it fast and free. Always. No time limit. We know the ins and outs of traditional printing, as well as the unique requirements of new print-on-demand opportunities. We’ll help you choose what’s best for you, then we’ll guide you all the way to having your book in your hands.

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We work with all major publishers, including:

“Thank you for the excellent book design work you’ve done on MDSG! It’s been a pleasure. 🙂 It’s much nicer to work with you than the faceless POD machines.”

Cheryl Cory

Must've Done Something Good

“From day one, MC has been exemplary. I have hired him to prepare six novels for publication. At no point has he disappointed me. I love his work and refer him any chance I can.”

Lane Orsak

Dylan's Divide

“I want to share my awesome news. On Friday, my book was a #4 Bestseller on Amazon! Thank you for everything! You will always have my business. I appreciate you and your professional design work.”

Bryant Linda

Seducing Heart

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Starting at $450, our complete interior print design service includes every step from typesetting your manuscript to sending your book off to be printed, with all the help you could ask for along the way. We love answering questions. Our print designs are created to the exact requirements of your chosen printer, and if there’s ever a snag uploading it to your printer, we fix it fast and free. Guaranteed.

Want a bonus? When we design your print book, you automatically get a much better price on your custom matching eBook design.

To get started, email us a copy of your manuscript. It doesn’t have to be a final draft, just a fair representation of the finished book. Any format is fine. We look over each book individually to provide an accurate, custom-tailored price. We’ll return a guaranteed quote the same day, along with any tips or suggestions we might have. If you like our offer, just say “go.” After that you’ll have every opportunity to proof the design along the way. If you’re not thrilled, we’ll adjust it until you are. Pleasing our authors is part of our fun.