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A well-designed eBook is the easiest way to get your writing out to the world. No printing, no inventory, no huge investment. eBooks are priced lower, yet you make more money in royalties. What’s not to love?

We’ll convert your manuscript into a professional eBook that can be read on any iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, mobile phone and more! Your readers will appreciate the professional design, a table of contents that jumps right to chapters with a click, and your cover art optimized for brilliant eBook display. You’ll be proud that your eBook looks as good (or better) than the biggest publishers. (We design for them too.)

Go all out and get a custom print book edition too. We’ll make sure the book designs match beautifully. Let’s get started!

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We work with all major eBook publishers, including:

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“You did it! I’m so proud of how my book looks, especially compared to other eBook designs I see. It’s a great match for my print edition. You were right, this turned out to be fun!”

Cleon "CJ" Joseph

Navigating Through the Valleys of Success

“Your eBook design is so fabulous! Thank you so much! I’m beyond delighted. I can hardly wait to show it off to everyone I know!”

Donna Gillespie

The Light Bearer

“The turnaround time for the eBook conversion was incredibly fast, faster than Amazon could provide me a Kindle to view it on!  Sophisticated breakdown of chapters and pages. MC answered all my questions in a speedy and thorough manner, and even corrected a typo that made it past two professional copy edits. Amazing job!”

Joseph Laudati

Ten Thousand Demons

Free eBook design quote.

The short answer: eBook design starts at $150 USD, which includes Kindle and ePub formats, everything you need for every vendor. Intricate formatting (like poetry or recipes) and images (which get special attention) will raise the cost a bit. We look over each manuscript individually to provide you a fair and guaranteed price within the day, along with any tips or suggestions we might have to help your eBook look its best. This free price quote comes with no obligation, but we’re confident you’ll be happy with it.