Professional book cover design

Everybody will judge your book by its beautiful cover

Yes, we do judge a book by its cover. How many times have you picked up a book and thought, “This looks good.” You’ve worked so hard on your writing — don’t skimp now. Our professional book cover design guarantees your book will present itself with pride and confidence.

We’ll capture your unique personality with clarity and originality, assuring your readers that they’re buying a quality book. How will it look on Amazon’s sales page? On an iPad’s library view? Will it be eye-catching and readable even at Kindle’s thumbnail sizes? We get all those details right, making sure it’s a perfect match for your print book interior layout or custom eBook design.

Even a brilliant book will be ignored if it has a crummy cover. We’ll give your book the ka-POW it needs to turn browsers into buyers.

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“The latest cover is your best. I keep saying that, and then you improve your game even more. Wow.”

David Martin

Fine Lines Quarterly

Everything looks wonderful. The cover is perfect! I’ve been very happy with the whole process. It’s been a great pleasure doing business with you.”

Sara Thompson

North Shore

“Want you to know your cover art design helped me win a book award!

Matt Valenti

The Newts

Cover design tips

It helps to decide early if you want your book cover designed for both print and eBook. Print requirements are fussy and precise, but it’s a snap to make an eBook cover from an existing print design. So if you might want both, start with the print version and save a lot of money in the end.

Avoid the “starving artist” services that auction freelancers to see who can be the cheapest. You might want a tweak or new revision later and — hey, where’d they go?

eBooks present unique challenges and opportunities for book cover art. Choose a cover designer who knows the advantages—and pitfalls—of eBook cover design.

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Starting at $99 for eBook and $180 for paperback, our cover designs can include artwork you’ve chosen, or we’ll start from scratch. Paperback and hardcover design includes typesetting the back cover plus precise calculation of the book spine, guaranteed accurate to a thousandth of an inch. We’re the best kind of fussy.

Everything is designed to the exact requirements of your chosen printer, guaranteed. To learn more, just click the button below..