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Month: May 2022

What size should an eBook cover be?

You're converting your book into an eBook. It needs a cover installed. What dimensions should that eBook cover be? Here's a short answer: it should be 1400 pixels wide, and 2100 pixels tall. There you go. If you're happy with that, go get another cup of coffee and...

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Kindles now accept ePubs directly

Amazon-KDP now only accepts the ePub format News flash: you can now view an ePub directly on your Kindle. No more side-loading. No more tears. Not a flash, really. Amazon was actually very quiet about this big announcement. How big is it? Big. Big like solving global...

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Who's this guy?

"Mick" is Michael Campbell, a book designer, graphic artist and writer. His humor column, The Dumpster, closes every issue of Food & Spirits Magazine. Author of Are You Going To Eat That?, and the new 2017 book of seventy hilarious all new essays, Of Mice and Me.
A singer songwriter too. New CD My Turn Now is available now!