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We’re here to polish your writing into the gleaming pearl you know it can be. We’ll help you publish an eBook or print book for the world to see. We make it easy—even fun! Let’s get started.
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We’re still here, happy and healthy.

We’ve made a few adjustments to stay as safe as possible from the coronavirus. But our entire team is still happily hard at work designing beautiful books for you. If you’re using your newfound downtime to finish your novel, we’re ready when you are.

Pro book designers that work for you.

Welcome to our real design studio, staffed by artists who love books and know the art of making yours look as good as the biggest publishers. (We do books for them too.) No “meatgrinders” here, computers squirting out template after template. We’ve been designing print books for 30 years, and creating custom eBooks since they were invented.

You have a question? We’re quick to answer all emails. Or call us on the phone. Our studio has big bright windows, cheerful people, sunny flowers and great coffee. We’re a happy bunch to work with.

Print book design

Get a print interior design that looks as good as the big houses, without waiting around for a foo-foo agent to discover you.

eBook design

Get your book onto every major eBook device, including Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Nook. We make it easy.

Book cover design

Oh yes, people do judge a book by its cover. With a beautiful custom book cover, you’ll sell many more books.

We work with all major publishers, including:

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CreateSpace book design logo
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Amazon Kindle design logo
Amazon Kindle design logo
Lulu book design logo

Our sounds-crazy design guarantee

We don’t invoice you until after we deliver your finished book design. Nutty? Maybe not. In twenty years, we’ve only had one customer skip out. (She came back a year later asking us to do another book.) The point is, we know that gaining trust on the internet is a two-way street. This is how we prove to you we’re for real. We give you a free, no-obligation, locked-in price quote, and when we’re done, that’s how much you pay. We’re the only ones to offer such a guarantee. If you hit any technical snags, we fix them fast and free, always.
“Thought since you did the work on my book you would like to know that it just received the National Gold Medal from eLit Awards for best in its category! Thank you for everything.”
Denise Messenger

Got Cancer?

“I attempted formatting my novel on my own. The result was embarrassing. MC took care of everything and I am now a very happy man. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Steven Benedict


“It is PERFECT!! Thank you so much and I will be recommending your book formatting service, as well as contacting you for my second book, which I’m already working on!”
Damali Henry


Free guaranteed price quote.

Email us a copy of your manuscript, or use this handy form. It doesn’t have to be a final draft, just a fair representation of your book. Any format is fine. We look over each book individually to provide an accurate, fair quote. We’ll return a guaranteed price the same day, along with any tips or suggestions we might have once we’ve seen it. If you’re not thrilled with what we offer, there’s no obligation. You can just say, “no thanks.”

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