photo-Michael-Campbell I fell in love with type over 25 years ago. I love the curves, descenders, and the way an ampersand wraps its arms around itself. I even love Helvetica—both the font and the film.

I'm the guy who picks fights over whether to use an M-dash or an N-dash. I argue over ellipses. I know the difference between a dash and a minus sign and a hyphen. Maybe not the kind of guy you want to have over for barbecue, but definitely the kind of obsessive nut you want for a print designer.


Print book design

item3No one cares about how your book looks more than you. We come in a close second, and we love creating beautiful books.

We'll make sure your print design includes all the finer touches that raise a quality product above the rest. You'll get the same treatment and the same beautiful results that the biggest publishing houses offer.

Ready-to-print PDF design

We'll create a ready-to-print PDF layout of your book, professionally designed and trouble-free. We work with all the major print-on-demand services, including and Amazon's CreateSpace.

Save $75 off your print design today!

if we design both your eBook and print book, we automatically knock $75 off your price. That's because much of the prep work we do is the same for both versions, and we pass that savings on to you.

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