Of Mice and Me

Michael Campbell's lastest book of humor essays is here!

Using astrology to help you vote. What to eat for your last day on Earth. Kissing Jesus on the lips. Being a pall-bearer for a man he’s never met. Hanging out with friends who happen to be mice. Author of the spit-out-your-coffee funny Are You Going To Eat That (below), Campbell offers seventy all new stories, mouse tales, and more. They’re hilarious when they aren’t heartbreaking. Often they’re both.


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Are You Going To Eat That?

The award-winning, spit-out-your-coffee funny original.

“Melanie McGuire was indicted for murdering her husband, after he washed ashore, in parts, on the Virginia coast. He was neatly packed into three trunks of his own monogrammed luggage…one of those matching sets with various bag sizes: the big one for his torso, the smaller one (that fits in the overhead bin) for appendages, and of course, the hand bag.”

So begins Are You Going To Eat That?, a collection of fifty-eight hilarious stories. Short, irreverent, preposterous—like Danny DeVito, if he were an essay. It’s a study in how daily life can be spit-out-your-coffee funny.

Enjoy the best of MC, named Humor Writer of the Month by the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop!


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